How do I ship my vehicle?

Q. How can I prepare my vehicle for shipping?


A. Keep in mind the following things; make sure you clean your vehicle inside and out; remove all personal and valuable items from your vehicle; there should be 1/4 to 1/2 of fuel in your gas tank; your vehicle must be registered and have insurance on it; the emergency brake and brakes of your vehicle must be in good working condition.


Q. How is my vehicle shipped?


A. Depending on where you are moving, your vehicle can be shipped by container ship, rail, or an open car carrier.


Q. Is vehicle shipping a new practice?


A. No. Vehicle shipping has been around for quite a long time!  As you can see from the images below.














How to Choose an Auto Transport Company to Ship Your Vehicle:


As Logistics specialist, SVP cares about you, and takes pride in providing safe, honest, reliable service to all its clients, corporate and private. Unfortunately, scams abound in the auto transport industry. We take you through how to choose an auto transport company, and more importantly, how to avoid the scams that prey on those shipping their vehicles long distances.

 -   If a company asks for a down payment, be careful as this practice is not normal in the Auto Shipping Industry in Canada.


 -   Always check and compare shipping rates. The initial quote that an auto transport company gives you is usually a “ballpark estimate” of the entire service cost, but some companies do stick to their estimate. If you really need to know the final cost of delivery, then get a quote, and call companies that you received quote(s) from. Some companies will tell you up front how much the entire deal will cost, with minimal extra charges. These rates will be higher than other initial quotes, but additional charges can severely affect the price you end up paying.


 -   Research a company very well, and make sure they are Bonded, Licensed, and Insured.


 -   Read the contract completely before signing. Be wary of hidden fees that are listed in the small print.


 -   Be honest with the company you are contacting regarding any personal items you have in your vehicle. Trucks are weight limited and are weighed in each province. They can be charged large fines in every province for being overweight. Also, most companies will not insure any items inside the vehicle. It is usually best to send your car empty on a truck.


 -  Make sure you do not go with the lowest priced companies. Companies priced in the middle are the most reliable in our experience.


 -  Check customer services: good customer service determines how well the company communicates with its customers, and if there is good communication between customers and the company, then it is less likely that problems will occur during shipping.


-   All companies should do inspection reports of the vehicle at pick up and delivery. Be sure to document the mileage on the car before and after transport. In case of damage, it is your responsibility to make sure these reports are correctly updated to prove and ensure reimbursement for the damages.




-   This is NOT a guaranteed industry. There are many factors that may create delays such as waiting for earlier customers at pick up or delivery, weather, mechanical problems, and road constrictions for multi car carriers.


 -  All brokers use the same carriers. Be careful not to go with a low-priced company!! Companies might give you a low price, but will not be able to find transport for your vehicle,  or may only be able to arrange transport part-way, and your vehicle may sit at a location for days if not weeks until another carrier is found to continue the shipment.  


 -  When you make a reservation, do not book with more than one company as this will hinder your transport. When two companies are trying to move the same vehicle, most drivers will 'pass' on that vehicle and go to another due to shipping conflict.





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