Modes of Transport

Transport by Truck (Open Car Carrier)

An open car carrier is a type of tractor-trailer transport truck that specializes in hauling vehicles. They are most commonly used to deliver new cars from manufacturers to car dealerships, but they are also a popular choice for car owners moving or relocating across Canada. Your car will be driven up the ramp and then secured, usually with tire straps.

Open car carrier transport is the most popular shipping mode due to its widespread availability and affordability. In practice, the most efficient route may be a combination of rail, truck, and/or sea. Request a quote or Contact us and we will advise you of the most optimal route to transport your car across Canada.

Transport by Rail (Train)

Your vehicle is loaded in to an enclosed rail car and safely secured by its tires, then shipped across Canada by train. While in transport, your car will be safe from the elements. Transporting a vehicle by train is a very cost-efficient and safe shipping mode, but isn't available on all routes.

Transport by Sea (Container Ship)

Your car will be safely loaded in to a container and secured down with tire straps. The container will be loaded on to a ship, which will travel by sea to deliver your vehicle and its other cargo to the destination.

Shipping by sea can be faster or cheaper than other modes of transport, especially when shipping to or from the Northern reaches of Canada or Newfoundland & Labrador, but its availability is limited to a small number of routes and seasons of the year.

Enclosed Auto Transport

An enclosed car carrier is a type of transport truck very similar to an open car carrier, with one crucial difference: the trailer is enclosed with walls on all sides, keeping your vehicle protected from the elements.

The downside? Enclosed car carriers have less capacity and less demand than open car carriers, so their enhanced protection usually comes with a hefty price tag.

In practice, open car carrier transport is almost always preferred for shipping ordinary passenger vehicles and trucks across Canada. After all, it is the method used by car manufacturers to deliver new cars to dealerships, and thus has a very strong reliability profile with highly-skilled truckers who recognize the value of their cargo.

Thus, while open transport is preferred for shipping passenger vehicles and trucks across Canada, enclosed transport is ideal for shipping luxury, exotic, or antique vehicles.

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